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  • Pre Trip 02 Terms

    Terminology As you inspect the vehicle you will think of most items falling into one of a few major categories. Each of these categories have certain things that must be in good order. For example, there are a number of different lights that you will be inspecting. All of these must be firmly attached {FA},…

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  • Pre Trip 21 Frame

    Frame Inspect the frame next. You are looking for signs of damage. If you see what appear to be welded areas this can be a clue. This also is not the last time you will inspect the frame. Keep this in mind when you are inspecting under the bus. Tip: {SD} “I am inspecting the…

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  • Pre Trip 20 Steering Linkage

    Steering Linkage Tip: {SD} {MH} Note: Make sure you mention any castle nuts and cotter pins that are securing them! There are a number of components I am going to address together. They include: Steering Shaft Pitman Arm Drag Link Steering Knuckle Tie Rod “The steering linkage components I am inspecting include a steering shaft,…

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  • Pre Trip 19 Steering Box

    Power Steering Box And Hoses The next of the steering components we address is the steering box. There are mechanical connections to the rest of the steering comments coming up, but for now we inspect the box itself and the hoses that connect it to the power steering pump. Tip: {SM} {SD} {ABC} {NL} “The…

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  • Pre Trip 18 Engine Power Steering Pump

    Power Steering Pump The power steering pump on this bus, like the air compressor, is connected directly to the engine and is gear driven. Tip: {SM} {SD} {ABC} {FA} “The gear driven power steering pump is Securely Mounted and there is no Sign Of Damage. The hoses do not have any Abrasions Bulges Or Cuts…

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  • Pre Trip 17 Engine Power Steering Reservoir

    Power Steering Reservoir Address the steering components. Start with the power steering fluid reservoir. On this bus there is no need to exam a dipstick as the fluid level can be observed from the outside. Tip: {SM} {NL} {SD} {ABC} {FA} “The power steering fluid reservoir is Securely Mounted and Not Leaking. There is no…

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  • End Of The Road

    Pre Trip Inspection Work In Progress You have reached the end of the Internet. Either that or I need to get busy and add the next page << End >>

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  • Pre Trip 16 Air Compressor

    Air Compressor And Hoses It is important that you identify whether it is belt or gear driven. This air compressor is mounted directly to the side of the engine, indicating it is gear driven. Also, don’t forget to mention the hoses and hose connections. Tip: {SM} {MH} {SD} “Looking at the air compressor I check…

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  • Pre Trip 15 Engine Oil

    Oil The next item is the engine oil. You will describe how you would determine there is a proper amount. “I would check the oil by removing the dipstick, wiping it off with a clean rag, inserting it fully, and once again removing it. The oil level is proper if it is between the add…

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  • Pre Trip 14 Coolant

    Coolant The coolant reservoir and coolant level are the next items addressed. This is one of the items you should mention the hose connections. Tip: {FA} {SD} {NL} {ABC} “This is the coolant reservoir. I am checking for it to be Firmly Attached, no Sign Of Damage, and Not Leaking. The hoses are securely attached…

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