Passenger Entry

  • Inspect that entry door(s) are not damaged, operate smoothly and close securely from the inside.
  • Inspect that handrails are secure and, if equipped, that the step light(s) are working.
  • Inspect that the entry steps are clear, and the tread is not loose, or worn.
  • If equipped with a passenger lift, inspect for leaking, damaged or missing parts, and explain how the lift should be inspected for correct operation.
  • If equipped, lift must be fully retracted and latched securely

“As I enter the bus I would make sure the handrail is secure and the step light is firmly attached and not broken. I would also make sure the steps are clear and not damaged. I would inspect the doors at this time for any sign of damage and later I will assure they operate smoothly and close securely from the inside”