As you inspect the vehicle you will think of most items falling into one of a few major categories. Each of these categories have certain things that must be in good order. For example, there are a number of different lights that you will be inspecting. All of these must be firmly attached {FA}, not cracked or broken {CB}, clean and clear {CC} and the proper color {PC}.

Another category is items used to store or move fluids or air. An example would be a hose attached to a pump or storage reservoir. Items in this category like hoses must be firmly attached {FA} at both ends with no sign of damage {SD}; no abrasions, bulges or cuts {ABC}; and not leaking {NL}. Reservoirs like the one containing the engine coolant must be securely mounted {SM} with no missing hardware {MH}, not leaking {NL}, and be filled to the proper level {PL}.