Pre Trip – Engine Compartment

Door Side

You are going to indicate that you would inspect this side like the driver side and address four additional items specifically.

Tip: {SD} {SM} {MH} {ABC} {NL}

“I would inspect the frame, suspension, tires and wheels on this side just like I did on the driver side. In addition, I would inspect three items, all of which are belt driven:”

“Starting with the alternator, I would make sure it was Securely Mounted there was no Sign Of Damage and no Missing Hardware.

“Next I would inspect the fan. There should be no cracked or damaged blades and it should spin freely”

“The third item is the water pump. It is attached near the bottom of the engine. It should also be Securely Mounted with no Sign Of Damage and no Missing Hardware. The hoses attached to it should be clamped securely at both ends with no Abrasions, Bulges Or Cuts and there should be No Leaks.

“Finally I would inspect the serpentine belt to make sure there are no tears or fraying. I would test the belt tension by pressing firmly on the belt. More than 3/4″ of play would indicate the belt is too loose”