Pre Trip – Engine Compartment

Front Wheels

The wheels are the next item. There are four specific items to address. This is also when we will address proper inflation of the tire.

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  1. Rim
  2. Lug Nuts
  3. Hub Seal
  4. Valve Stem

Don’t forget the inside of the rim!

Pressure Gauge

“Looking at the wheels, the rims must not be bent or otherwise damaged. They should also be perfectly round with no illegal welds.

I would check the lug nuts to assure none are missing and all are properly tightened. Any bare metal around them, whether shiny or rusty, could indicate they were loose.

The bolts holding the hub oil seal should also be tight and there should be No Leaks.

There should be Sign Of Damage to the valve stem. The metal cap must be present and tight.

Finally, I would assure the tire was properly inflated. Typically this would be between 80 and 100 lbs. I would remove the valve stem cap and use a tire pressure gauge to check this.”